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I am Rita Peterson, an energy healing practitioner and teacher specializing in Universal White Time Healing, the Board of Knowledge and Board of Angels, Gemstone and Mineral Healing, and Reiki.  My desire and intention is to assist and support as many as I may reach, to help raise your energy, your vibration to the highest you may attain. To assist you in finding balance & harmony in your every day life, to experience joy, love, happiness, comfort and peace while seeing yourself in your own Light.

Energy healing sessions, any of the modalities I have been trained in, is given to anyone from our Higher Power, you only need to be open to the gift and receive. A session is very relaxing, peaceful, and comforting. Your body, spirit, soul is balanced as one.  You will feel very centered.

Animals, all living creatures, and Mother Earth will also benefit from energy healing.  If love, light, and healing is needed for someone not able to accept in person, distance healing may be performed. This method is very effective.

You can benefit from any of the modalities I offer.  Sessions of Universal White Time Healing or Reiki lasts approximately 45-50 minutes for adults.  Children, babies, and animal sessions are much shorter.  I may also add Gemstones and Mineral healing to the session along with Board of Knowledge and/or Board of Angels.  I offer and you may choose a Board of Knowledge or of Angels, is not the same healing session in our interpretation of the word, yet it is very, very powerful.  The Knowledge gives you an opportunity to open up so you can evolve and grow in the exact right direction personally for you. Each of us is unique, you have your own individual gift in life.

With pleasure I offer these services thru my business, Essence of Healing.  I recently read, there is a saying in Kabbalah: “When you grasp a piece of Essence, you are grasping the Whole.”   Every time we touch our Essence we bring new light into everyone and everything in Creation…enabling them in turn to touch their own Essence. They will shine new light to others, to us, and on it goes I am grateful and blessed my journey is to assist you on your path.

Please refer to the Contact Page to schedule any sessions or classes you may be interested in.  I encourage you to consider learning how to use this beautiful modality for yourself, family, and friends, so please contact me to discuss.  I too first began my journey with a few years of giving the love, light, and healing before creating my business and teaching.  It is amazing to have the knowledge and tools to support loved ones, and so importantly, ourselves.  I am happy to discuss further all the modalities I offer. Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you.

“In the Higher Power’s Eyes, we are all the Same.  One day we will all have perfect wings.”

-as sung by Mark Wills


Upcoming Universal White Time Healing Classes:

Levels One, Two, Three, and Four: Please contact me if you are interested in any of these classes.  Please note each level has the previous level as a prerequisite. The Holy Light Class, created in 2016 is available.

NEW!!!!  The Board of Angels, created in 2017 is the newest and most amazing class offered!  I am offering classes now, in 2018.  Call or email me to learn more or register.

Teacher, Level One:  Interested in becoming a Level One Teacher?  I am very pleased to announce I am qualified to teach you as a Teacher to teach practitioners of Level One!  This is an amazing opportunity for you to take your journey another step forward, becoming a Teacher!

Watch for more upcoming classes! Those who have taken Level One, One & Two, or One, Two, & Three are eligible for Upgrades and Initiations between classes, and after Level Four.  Please connect on the Contact page, I look forward to talking with you.

PLEASE NOTICE:  My Education and Continual Desire to Learn.  I wish to assure you my dedication to the best education and continuing my education is very important to me.  I have completed all classes available to date in the modalities mentioned above.  In addition to these I have also taken all 6 Levels of the Beyond and Before classes.  This education supports all the work I do, thus in my mind and heart I strive to bring the best possible service to all.



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