Gemstone and Mineral Healing

crystalsEverything is energy, vibration, a tone, a note.  Stones carry vibrations, a kind of Life Force. They have different qualities and frequencies, just like different keys on a keyboard. Using stones through healing methods can raise our frequencies to help us maintain balance, remain focused and centered.  During a Universal White Time Healing session, particular stones that harmoniously compliment healing together may be placed on certain areas or Chakras to initiate and support this healing. This is referred as a Gemstone Layout.

When an illness occurs, our four bodies, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, or Mental body is out of balance, a Gemstone Layout may be offered by the Practitioner. Each stone carries its own properties.  One may hold a stone in your hand and feel the vibration, the energy, the frequency.  This will translate through to you in its proper usage a sense of well-being, happiness, energy, love and peace.

An example may be when you have a headache, a particular stone is recommended to hold in your left hand. For balance in the body, four particular stones are used in a layout in an exact location on the body. You may use a particular stone(s) and color of stone(s) in a bath to create a desired result.

One example is a clear quartz crystal. This kind of crystal receives and holds almost all of the spectra of energy.  That is why almost everyone is sensitive to the power of a quartz crystal, i.e. a watch. Turquoise is good for increasing self-esteem and self-knowledge.

Please feel free to inform me when making an appointment for a White Time Healing session if there is a particular problem you would be interested in including a Gemstone Layout so I may prepare the stones ahead of time. Amazing beautiful energies are received through the many layouts of every level! I totally encourage everyone to be open to nature’s incredible energy from our Mother Earth.

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