Channie West & The Golden Movement

the golden movementChannie West, residing in Sweden, is the Earth Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing.  Channie is responsible for bringing the teachings of Universal White Time Healing to the Earth.  Her Knowledge began with communication at the age of five.  After she was given teachings over all these years from Universe,  finally after more than 30 years, Channie was given permission in 1993 to begin teaching the knowledge of Universal Spiritual and White Time Healing.  Scientifically, Channie worked for four years in experiments in a Stockholm institute.  It was proven that through both hands on and distance healing illness improved. Thru blood analysis even after one hour of UWTH amazing results were achieved. Please take the time to view and listen to Channie’s video below.

My Education and Training: Channie is in constant communication with Light Beings to help us know our own Vibrational Energy and Knowledge.  My Mentor and Teacher of all Universal White Time Healing Level 1 thru 4 classes becoming a practitioner as well as I am a Teacher of all four levels, the Beyond & Before classes (total of 6), Gemstone & Mineral Level 1 thru 4 classes, Board of Knowledge 4-5, Board of Knowledge Gemstone 5, Level 1, the Holy Light Class, Board of Angels; and ultimately the High Teacher Level 1 class (which enables me to teach someone to become a teacher of level 1) as well becoming an Assistant Head Teacher, is Zari Pirasteh, Supreme Teacher for the United States, from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Zari was and continually is personally trained by Channie West.  I am blessed to have Zari in my life as my Teacher, Mentor, Friend.  I am honored and grateful to have had the profound opportunity to meet Channie and receive personal training of the Board of Knowledge 1, 2 & 3. The Board of Knowledge and of Angels training I received is now incorporated in typical sessions & can also be offered in a separate session.  It may also be given thru distance healing.

The Golden Movement is used by Masters, Angels, all Light Beings in the Universe.  It is possible to clear and energize yourself.   Part One of the Golden Movement is taught through the Universal White Time Healing Level 1 class, and can be taught to people who have not taken the class by a Practitioner, those who will respect the energy of the Divine.  Part two and three of the Golden Movement are taught in further educational Level classes.

To view and learn about Channie West and Universal White Time Healing go to this site.

“The Light of Insight” by Channie West

“The Light of a wing touches.

A heart is awakened to Faith and Trust.

Love conquers in obscure worlds.

Words are shimmering when wings are touching.

Thoughts are free when given the Light of Insight.”


Above Photo taken by Rita Peterson, Mexico retreat

Essence of Healing Butterfly